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Shimano Butterlfy Flat Fall Jigs

Model: BFLFF080AV
Style: AV
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Stock: 5+

The Shimano Butterfly Flat-Fall Jigs are a totally new concept of Butterfly Jigging technique that offers anglers an entirely new presentation for vertical jigging. Since it's introduction, the Shimano Butterfly Flat Fall Jigs have been a big hit among coastal saltwater fishermen targeting a number of species most prominently rockfish. Fishing the Flat Fall Butterfly Jig is very simple - drop the jig down to the bottom, then crank it up 30 feet followed by free spooling allowing it to descend with it's unique wobbling ability. Anglers can also choose to cast the jig and let it fall while free spooling, wait for the bite, then jerk and repeat. All of the models in Shimano's Butterfly Jig lineup have their own unique use - the Flat Fall Jig separates itself from the others with its horizontal fall and wobble that is significantly different than the side to side swooping action of many other models. The center balanced jig falls with a wobbling action in a horizontal position, keeping the strike zone longer than the Butterfly jig. Comes stock with two Owner dancing stinger hooks

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These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information visit: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

22 Models Available

Model Style Color Weight Stock Price Qty
BFLFF080AV AV Black Anchovy 80 g In Stock: 5+ $14.97
BFLFF080BS BS Blue Sardine 80 g Low Stock: <5 $14.97
BFLFF080CW CW Chartreuse White 80 g Low Stock: <5 $14.97
BFLFF080GS GS Green Silver 80 g Low Stock: <5 $14.97
BFLFF080PS PS Purple Silver 80 g Low Stock: <5 $14.97
BFLFF080SG SG Super Glow 80 g Low Stock: <5 $14.97
BFLFF080ZG ZG Zebra Glow 80 g Low Stock: <5 $14.97
BFLFF100AV AV Black Anchovy 100 g Low Stock: <5 $15.97
BFLFF100BS BS Blue Sardine 100 g In Stock: 5+ $15.97
BFLFF100CW CW Chartreuse White 100 g In Stock: 5+ $12.99
BFLFF100GS GS Green Silver 100 g In Stock: 5+ $15.97
BFLFF100PB PB Pink Blue 100 g In Stock: 5+ $15.97
BFLFF100PS PS Purple Silver 100 g In Stock: 5+ $15.97
BFLFF100SG SG Super Glow 100 g In Stock: 5+ $15.97
BFLFF130AV AV Black Anchovy 130 g Low Stock: <5 $17.97
BFLFF130GS GS Green Silver 130 g In Stock: 5+ $17.97
BFLFF130PB PB Pink Blue 130 g Low Stock: <5 $17.97
BFLFF130PS PS Purple Silver 130 g Low Stock: <5 $17.97
BFLFF160AV AV Black Anchovy 160 g Low Stock: <5 $18.97
BFLFF160GS GS Green Silver 160 g Out of Stock $18.97
BFLFF200AV AV Black Anchovy 200 g In Stock: 5+ $22.97
BFLFF200GS GS Green Silver 200 g Low Stock: <5 $22.97

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Shimano Butterlfy Flat Fall Jigs - AV
Shimano Butterlfy Flat Fall Jigs - AV
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