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Dirty Jigs Tour Level Finesse Football Jig

Model: TLFFAC-38
Style: AC
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Stock: 5+
California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

For more information visit: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

The football shaped head and flat eye hook of the Dirty Jigs Finesse Football jig allows the hook to ride upright at all times. This makes all the difference in getting those fish to the boat when fishing clear water with light line. Features a 60° flat eye Mustad® ULTRA POINT™ 1X strong jig hook with new 4.3 Microsharp Point Technology, a large lead barb plastic trailer keeper, and skirt collar that accepts our double rattle system. Skirts come full length giving you the option of a full skirt or trim the front to achieve a slim spider cut profile.

23 Models Available

Model Style Color Size Stock Price Qty
TLFFAC-12 AC Alabama Craw 1/2 Low Stock: <5 $5.79
TLFFAC-38 AC Alabama Craw 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFAC-58 AC Alabama Craw 5/8 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFBB-12 BB Black & Blue 1/2 Low Stock: <5 $5.79
TLFFBB-38 BB Black & Blue 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFCAC-12 CAC Canterbury Craw 1/2 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFCAC-38 CAC Canterbury Craw 3/8 Low Stock: <5 $5.79
TLFFDW-12 DW Definite Watermelon 1/2 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFDW-38 DW Definite Watermelon 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFGP-12 GP Green Pumpkin Craw 1/2 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFGP-38 GP Green Pumpkin Craw 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFGPC-12 GPC Green Pumpkin Candy 1/2 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFGPC-38 GPC Green Pumpkin Candy 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFGRP-12 GRP Green Pumpkin 1/2oz In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFGRP-38 GRP Green Pumpkin 3/8oz In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFOCH-12 OCH Okachobee 420 1/2 oz Low Stock: <5 $5.79
TLFFOCH-38 OCH Okachobee 420 3/8 oz In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFPBJ-12 PBJ Peanut Butter & Jelly 1/2 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFPBJ-38 PBJ Peanut Butter and Jelly 3/8oz In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFPC-12 PC Super Matt Brown 1/2 Out of Stock $5.79
TLFFPC-38 PC Super Matt Brown 3/8 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFTG-12 TG The Go To 1/2 In Stock: 5+ $5.79
TLFFTG-38 TG The Go To 3/8 Low Stock: <5 $5.79

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Dirty Jigs Tour Level Finesse Football Jig - TLFFAC-38
Dirty Jigs Tour Level Finesse Football Jig - TLFFAC-38
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